Trailer Life Magazine - 1, possibly 2 advertising scams in January 2012 issue of Trailer Life


I found two suspicious ads for raffles to win a camper/truck/class A motor-home in the January 2012 issue of Trailer Life. On pages 64 and 66 are ads for raffles-$100 each-for alleged charities; on page 63 the "Wyoming Paintbrush" , an alleged non profit that has no website other than a single ad for the same raffle as found in Trailer Life, and on page 66 is a similar raffle for "SLP charities."

It took me less than a minute, using on-line BBB, that SLP charities is a scam. Because I cannot find anything to support the legitimacy of "Wyoming Paintbrush", I suspect it is also a scam; I'm awaiting a callback from the Consumer Protection Unit of the Wyoming Attorney General's Office regarding this suspicion.

If their advertising department is unable to verify that these ads are legitimate, then how is anyone to know if any article or ad is legit? What's worse is that the BBB report on SLP dates back to 2008.

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I am the 2013 grand prize winner, so I guess it is legitimate.

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States #762601

I've been buying these tickets off an on for years as well. Wyoming Paintbrush changed their name a while back.

I've called and talked with someone when I put my entries in. I write it off on my taxes every year. I've always assumed that they had limited funds for a working website?

It seems like they've had more online in the past. I would hope that if it were a scam that it would have been found out by now.

Frisco, Texas, United States #630407

I have been buying these tickets for years and now feel ***. One respondent said google it.

I did. All I found was their web site. I checked the charity sites and it is not listed. If there is truly a charity don't say google it, link references.

At this time I have to rule this a scam.


Wyoming Paintbrush is just a name change from VSA Wyoming. If you took the time to research them you would see the VSA is set up in all the states and does so much good for the disabled and to provide some comfort and joy in their lives.

Wyoming does not have much of a population base so I'm sure it is very hard to solicit donations, hence the raffle.

When you buy your ticket you should be thinking of helping others, not your self. I have no affiliation with the charity.


If it looks like a rat, then it most likely is.


Wyoming paintbrush is not a scam. Just google it and you will find out all the help they provide.

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